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Details We Need


Details that are required to be answered in order to obtain the Official Death Certificate:

Part 1 Details of the Deceased:

1. Full name
2. Date of Birth & Date of Death
3. Place of Death
4. Usual Residence (address)
5. Place of birth (country)
6. If born overseas what year did they arrive in Australia
7. Usual working occupation
8. Main Tasks performed in that occupation
9. Retired at Date of death? if so, Pension Number
10. Marriage details at time of death
11. information on all and every marriage:
  • Full name of spouse (and their maiden name)
  • The year or age they married
  • Which country/town they married in
12. Children of the deceased:
  • Every biological or adopted child in age order: (no step children) their full name, age, date of birth and gender
13. Parents of the deceased
  • Full name
  • Family name at birth (maiden name)
  • Working occupation and the tasks performed in that occupation
14. Next of Kin details
  • Name
  • Address
  • Relationship to the deceased
  • Contact details
There is usually paperwork to sign if for a Cremation and for Burial to authorise what your wishes are.

Part 2 Organising the Funeral 

1. Choosing the type of service 
2. Choosing the day the service will be held and what time and location
3. the interment of the deceased eg. crematorium or cemetery
4. Organising someone to lead the service eg. celebrant or minister or priest
5. Organise viewings and mortuary instructions
6. Select coffin or casket
7. Select floral tributes and Casket Flowers
8. Will the family require Family Cars for the service?
9. Select a Memorial Book for mourners to sign at the funeral
10. Will there be a Donation Box for mourners to donate to a charity
11. Will there be Pall Bearers to carry the coffin
12. Organise the booklets for the service eg. mass booklets, holy cards etc.
13. Press Announcements and Funeral Notices eg. Newspaper notices, social media, radio, Heaven Address
14. Funeral Extras eg. DVD photo story, Balloon or Dove Release, Bagpipes, Singers, Candles
Of course there are many other options to consider and the funeral director will go through these when you meet them but this is a rough idea of what to expect when arranging a funeral.

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We would be happy to discuss your needs in person.

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