Prepaid Funerals

At Supremacy Funerals, it is our promise to you, that your funeral will be honoured respectfully according to the way that you want it.

At Supremacy Funerals, we can discuss prepaid funeral options with you and give you assurance that all your final wishes will be carried out personally and gracefully.

If you do not wish to pay now, come and talk to us about pre-arranging your funeral and we will only document your wishes to relieve your family of your decisions. No payment is necessary for a pre-arranged funeral, we simply take all the required information for births, deaths and marriages and make some choices with you in regards to your service.

If you are considering a prepaid funeral, some benefits include:

  • Pay today’s funeral prices with no extra cost to your family in the future.
  • Payment plans are available.
  • Your money is secured with Foresters Financial.
  • Your investment is not deemed an asset so it can help maximise your pension entitlements.
  • You will be protecting your family financially and emotionally from the stress and grief that follows your passing.
  • All your wishes are respectfully documented with Supremacy and it is our promise to you, that your funeral will be honoured according to the way that you want it.

To make an appointment to discuss your options for Sydney funeral services, please call our 24-hour line or inquire below.

Our experienced funeral directors will be there every step of the way.

Personal Reasons for Considering a Prepaid Funeral

Each individual has their own personal reasons for signing up a prepaid funeral.
Some of them may include:

  • You are an organised, well prepared person and like to plan ahead with finances.
  • You may have money stored away for your funeral but do not wish to tell anyone its location or desired use.
  • You perhaps have felt the burden to pay for a family member’s funeral unexpectedly in the past and would like to take care of things yourself when the time comes.
  • You wish to protect your family from the struggles of your passing and make their hard decisions a little easier.
  • Perhaps you have not much family contact with children or they do not live close by and you want to organise the finance for them to ensure you will receive exactly what you want.

What ever your intentions, our funeral directors will guide you through the contract process and necessary details and come to a suitable arrangement to fulfill your needs.