Before, During and after the Funeral

The first 24 hours after someone passes away is an extremely difficult and emotional time. When you make the call to our friendly funeral directors, they will guide you from the first call, through to the funeral and beyond.

  • You will deal with one lady to avoid confusion and added stress. 
  • You can rely on us 24 hours a day for any questions and support.
  • Your funeral director will ensure your loved one is transferred into our care with dignity and respect.

During the Arrangements

Once the initial call has been made, we will arrange a time with you to meet us. It is always better to meet in person, to understand exactly what you would like.

  • We can arrange to meet you in our office, or in the comfort of your own home.  
  • Our funeral home is warm and inviting, we pride ourselves on the comfortable ‘homely’ environment we create. 
  • We will book the funeral at a time suitable for your needs. 
  • We will assist you in completing all the necessary requirements, based on the service you would like. 
  • We will gently ask you questions required for the Death Certificate 
  • We will assist you in notifying organisations and guide you in the right direction. 
  • We will personalise the funeral based on what you would like, as well as add our own personal touches based on years of experience. 

What to Expect at the Funeral

After all the arrangements have been finalised, and we have completed everything to perfection,  

  • You can expect our team to be on time, professional and meeting every detail outlined in the arrangements.   
  • Prior to the service, you are free to greet your loved ones and be comforted by them, trusting that everything is being looked after and set up accordingly in the background.
  • Our staff are well trained with years of experience and are warm and friendly in welcoming your loved ones at the service. 
  • We will assist you in pall bearing if required.
  • We will see to every detail and more to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Timing is everything. There is a specific time and moment assigned for every aspect of the funeral. We will ensure there are no gaps, and if there are, we fill them quickly and discreetly.  
  • We strive for perfection and often bring a wide variety of resources to maintain this perfection. 

After the Funeral

After the funeral takes place, this can be for some, the hardest time. That is when you need most of the support. 

  • You will hear from us several times after the funeral to complete the “After arrangements”
  • You will receive support when collecting the Death certificate from us, we will advise you what to do and who you should notify. 
  • If you are collecting your loved one’s ashes from us, we will gently guide you in the right path for any suitable urn’s or memorials you may want to plan. 
  • We hold annual ceremonies and memorials where you and your family members are welcome to join, to assist you in your grief. 
  • We pride ourselves on our strong following on social media where we regularly keep in touch with previous families and invite you to reach out in your own time and connect with others. 

Once we have looked after your family, you are a part of ours. 

We pride ourselves on our strong, family-orientated work ethic.