Funeral Services

Funeral Services That We Provide

  • Cremation Funerals 
    At any crematorium in Sydney including Pinegrove, Castlebrook, Rookwood, and Leura Memorial Gardens.
  • Private Cremations “No-Service-no-attendance” funerals
    We organise the cremation, with no funeral involved, and the option to have a private family viewing to say your last goodbyes.
  • Catholic Funerals Sydney
    We have catholic funeral directors and can provide a beautiful, traditional catholic service in any church in Sydney or if the family wish, the funeral can be in any chapel including our chapel, conducted by a priest or we can offer a Catholic Celebrant who can speak fluent Italian as well as English.
  • No Religion Funerals 
    A funeral should represent the life the person lived. If they were not religious, why should their funeral be? If you want a celebration of life with balloons, Harley Davidson’s or Semi-Trailer trucks cortege, we say why not? We enjoy making the day as memorable and personal as we possibly can.
  • Memorial Services
    Can be held days, weeks, even months after the death occurred in any funeral location across Sydney.
  • Graveside Funerals or Outdoor Funerals
    There is no need to have the service in a chapel.. Gazebos, chairs and audio can all be set up at the grave side by our team or at a venue eg. A Raceway or Football Club.
  • Burials Services in all Cemeteries
    We organise all graves in all cemeteries in Sydney, including Penrith General Cemetery (Kingswood), Pinegrove, Rookwood, Castlebrook and Blue Mountains Cemeteries.
  • Vaults, Crypts and all Above Ground Interments
    We have decades of experience and are aware of the requirements in reopening Family Vaults and Crypts, including the use of a Qualified Mortuary Embalmer and quality funeral caskets.
  • Repatriations or Interstate Services
    We are fully aware of the requirements and procedures of sending/receiving your loved one overseas or interstate.
  • Prepaid or Prearranged Funerals
    Pay today’s funeral costs with no increase to your family in the future or simply set up a payment plan to pay off your funeral service

Contact our funeral parlour now so we may guide you through the steps and procedures of losing someone you love.