Burial Funerals

Burial Funerals 
Superior, Affordable, Prestige Priced Funerals 

Funerals can be a celebration of life, a time to remember, a time to mourn, and a time to heal. A funeral is important as it provides a support system for you, your friends, family members and the community to come together as one.  

Choosing a burial can be a Religious or Cultural choice
There can be many reasons that people choose burial over cremation. One of them can be due to religious reasons. We are happy to provide burial funerals whatever your religion is, and we are very experienced with plenty of different requirements and cultural needs. 

Regardless of your choice, the only thing that matters, and varies in cost and your overall experience, is who you choose to look after your loved one. Choosing the right funeral director to help you make the right choices is just as important as choosing where to hold the funeral service. 
You need someone to care for your loved one and understand your situation and apply knowledge and experience to bring out the best in your loved one’s funeral.
Supremacy Ladies will guide you on everything you need to know about burial funerals, from the point of first contact, the day of the funeral and beyond. 
Why are Our Burial funerals different?
The burial funerals we offer are not like any ordinary funerals.. they have a personal touch, they have finesse.  We do this because we are a proud family business that takes the extra time and care on the final touches, things that the family don’t think about, we get done. 
No two funerals are the same, just like no two people are the same. We try our absolute best in every funeral to please every person who attends and our staff all share this same passion. 

Have you considered a Graveside service?
A graveside service is a cheaper option for burial funerals, the entire funeral is conducted graveside, and a celebrant or priest can still be present to lead the service, music can be played and we will ensure there is gazebos, chairs, umbrellas and complimentary water. Whatever the weather, we will accommodate as best we can. 

How much does a burial funeral cost? 

The reason a burial is more expensive than a cremation is because of the cemetery and grave costs on top of funeral director fees. The general costs include purchasing a new grave (if you do not own one) and or an open and close fee of the grave if you do own one. These costs are very different and each cemetery has different costs involved. Contact us to find out how much your burial funeral is going to cost. 
We offer Burial Funerals in any church or chapel in Sydney and Blue Mountains.
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