When Someone Passes Away Suddenly

What to do...

When someone dies at home?

If the death occurred from natural causes, the first call should be made to the family doctor or doctor that was treating your loved one. Once the doctor has arrived and issued a cause of death certificate, you should call our 24-hour line and we’ll arrange for your loved one to be picked up and brought into our care. They will remain with us in our Sydney Funeral Home until the day of the service.

If the death was unexpected and of an unnatural cause, the police will attend the scene and transfer your loved one to the NSW Coroners Court at Lidcombe. Supremacy will liaise with the Coroner to obtain release of your loved one and bring them into our care. In these cases, your first point of contact would be emergency services; after that, you ring us and notify us that someone has passed away and we’ll arrange for them to be transferred from the Coroners to our Sydney Funeral Home.

What to do...

When someone dies in a hospital or nursing home?

In this case, the family is notified of their passing by a doctor, nurse or staff at the nursing home and a medical death certificate is issued by the attending doctor. The family or sometimes the nursing home staff would contact our funeral directors in Sydney on the family’s behalf to arrange the transfer of your loved into our care.

Once we have your loved one in our care, we will organise a time to meet with your family to discuss the type of service you would like.