Commonly Asked Funeral Questions

What is the cost of a funeral?

A cremation in Sydney can cost in the vicinity of $5000 – $7000. It all depends on what is involved. Generally a service fee for the funeral director, cremation fee, coffin, medical papers, transfer of the deceased, death registration and mortuary care. Other costs are flowers, Orders of Service, Memorial Book, Celebrant/Clergy and Death and Funeral Notices in the papers. A burial service has a similar cost but includes the cost of the grave or the re-open fee at the nominated cemetery.

I don’t want a funeral, I just want a private cremation. Is this possible?

Yes, a cremation service without a funeral is a very minimal cost service, it is called a “No-Service-No-Attendance Funeral”. This service involves the transfer of your loved one, mortuary care, the doctors paperwork, a basic coffin and the cremation fee. This will cost $3,000 and you will also be able to have a private viewing for family members to say their last goodbyes. This is exclusive to Supremacy Funerals.


Where is our loved one during the planning of the funeral?

Your loved one is cared for at Supremacy Funerals. We have a registered mortuary on site and your loved one is taken into our care as soon as a medical practitioner has signed a medical certificate or the Coroner has issued a permit. They stay in our care until the day of the funeral service.

Can we have a viewing prior to the funeral service?

Yes. As your loved one is in our care, you can view or come in at any time. We have a qualified, lady mortician who is very skilled and gracious with your loved one. Although viewings are very hard for families, we do recommend it, as it can be an important part of the grieving process and allows time for a personal goodbye and time of reflection before the funeral.

Can I pay for the funeral before my loved one has passed away?

Yes you can, you can pre-arrange all the details of the funeral to eliminate stress when the time comes. Talk to our funeral directors about your options.


When can I expect to receive the Death Certificate?

The funeral director registers the death after the completion of the funeral, to the registry of births, deaths and marriages in Sydney. We have all our death certificates sent to our office so that we can certify a few copies for you, as our funeral directors are JP’s. We will notify the family as soon as it arrives – this is usually between 7-10 working days from the day of the funeral.

Can I prepare my own photo story and booklets for the funeral service?

The answer is yes, however from years of experience, we almost always see that organising this is too much stress on the family. Often when arranging a funeral, we are left with short timelines to have everything ready. We recommend letting us look after these details as unfortunately technology does not always go to plan and music systems are different at every location.

We use slideshow productions – Belinda has been doing DVDs for funerals for many years. She meets you at your home, scans and returns all your photos for you and we know for sure her system is compatible with all our church and chapel locations. This is the safest option.

As for the booklets, printing can be a nightmare at the best of times, so we have a printing business that is guaranteed so no stress on your behalf. All booklets are printed the day before the service so no last minute worries.

We will require family cars for the day of the funeral, who arranges that?

The funeral directors can arrange vehicles if you would like family cars. If the trip is from the service location to the cemetery or crematorium then we can provide a complimentary car however if there is more than two destinations then we would arrange a hire car at a low cost to the family. Please request this, if this is something you would like.

I’m attending a funeral at Supremacy Chapel Penrith, where can I park?

We have on site parking reserved for immediate family and people with disability but we do suggest to people to park at the Penrith Westfield Shopping Centre, It is 3 hours free parking under cover and shaded. We are only a short walk from the Plaza.

Alternatively, there is parking at the Penrith Train Station or a car park next to our building block via Station Street that varies from 1 hour parking to 2 hour parking. We suggest to allocate time to find a spot if you are travelling from out of area so that you can arrive to the funeral on good time.

Do you have disability and wheelchair access?

Yes we do, our access ramp is out the back of the building via the staff car park. Please ring ahead and we will save room if there is a bus or van dropping you off. We will have our staff ready to assist you and guide into our building. Please allow extra time before the funeral for this arrangement if possible, so that staff can help if needed.

I’m not sure what to do with my loved one’s ashes, what are my options?

At Supremacy Funerals, we have a range of keepsake urns and necklace lockets for purchase that are unique and personal in remembrance of your loved one. If you have thought about scattering the ashes in particular location, we also have specialised Scatter Urns to make this process easier for you.

Another option is to inter the ashes in a cemetery of your choice in an Ashes Memorial Garden or Columbarium Wall or Niche where your loved one will be memorialised forevermore. If this is something that you would like to do please make an appointment to see the funeral director to guide you on your options.

Do you arrange any monumental work or organise plaque inscriptions on grave sites?

No we don’t, but we do recommend all our local cemetery work to Bax Brothers Cemetery Monuments in Kingswood. They will look after you from there.