During the COVID-19 crisis there has been many updates and changes daily impacting the way that we currently arrange and conduct funerals.
We are working very closely with all cemeteries, crematoriums, local councils and churches in regards to how we can maintain our level of care to you and your family, ensuring minimal interruption to your grief and loss.

What we are doing: 
Supremacy funerals is carrying out all necessary hygienic practices instructed to us, as well as regular and thorough disinfecting of hard surfaces in between appointments. Hand sanitiser is available in our office and on services, and we have implemented stricter measures towards our staff in regards to personal contact with families, and our arrangers and conductors are fully aware of these measures. Staff will not be working if they are unwell.
We take these measures seriously to ensure we create a sterile and safe environment for your family, and ourselves.

What you need to do:

During this current time, we insist you call our 24 hour number prior to making arrangements to come to our office for any and all appointments. We also ask that you assess yourself and each family member and ensure you are in good health before the appointment.
If you have flu-like symptoms or have been in recent contact with someone who has, we ask that you advise us so that we can make alternative arrangements.

Arranging Funerals during COVID-19

We can still meet you face to face, if you prefer to arrange a funeral this way, we can see you in our office.
If you would prefer to not arrange a funeral face to face due to quarantine or personal reasons, we can assist you entirely via correspondence ie, email, phone call, video conference and all arrangements can be easily done this way.

How does this affect funerals?

Funeral services are still taking place and we are adhering to all government policies that are put in place for the safety and protection of your family, the community, as well as our own staff and funeral industry workers.

The limitations put in place that significantly affect funerals are the restrictions on attendance and social distancing during the service. We understand the impact this has but please understand we are following guidelines that are for your own protection, as well as ours.

There are many options available to your family such as videoing, recording of the service as well as webcast and photography.

Please talk to us if you have any questions or concerns

Phone: 4721 2020