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When Someone Has A Terminal Illness

When someone you love dearly has been notified of a terminal illness there is a rush of thoughts that come to mind and quite often the thought of inquiring about funeral costs and arrangements is one of these thoughts.

Where will we go?
What type of funeral will we have?
How much is this going to cost?
These are normal questions and please know that it is quite common to make arrangements before someone passes on.
There is no need to feel pressured or even guilty making arrangements before someone has passed, if anything, it will bring enormous relief when the time comes and there is no panic to make decisions when your mind is so clouded with grief and emotion.  
Although arranging a funeral for someone who is still with us is very difficult, it does ensure that you are not rushed and you can take your time with the decisions, plan your finances and be prepared for when the time comes. 
If you are the one with the terminal illness and wishing to plan your funeral please know this is very common as well. Our funeral arrangers will come to your home, to the hospital, or nursing care, where ever you are we can come and sit with you, bring you some comfort and answer any questions you may have. If you wanted to, you can entirely plan the funeral and make choices as to the type of service you would like, if you feel comfortable to do so. This way, everything will be how you want it to be, we will honour your wishes and look after you and your family once you have passed. 
We will only document and file the choices you have made, no money is required up front until after the funeral. If you wish to pay for the funeral in advance so that everything is looked after we can arrange that as well, it is completely up to you and your family. 

We would be happy to discuss your needs in person.

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