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The Cost of a Funeral

The cost of a funeral can vary depending on your personal choices and how you would like to plan the service. There are many variants that can either increase or decrease the price.

When you are receiving quotes for a funeral, it is important that you receive a Basic Funeral Notice. This is a written or printed quotation that is given to you by the funeral director and you both agree or sign on the agreed cost. It is called the basic funeral notice because these are the fundamental elements for organising a funeral for someone who has passed away. These are the necessary requirements that must be fulfilled by the nominated funeral director.

This is for the client’s own protection and to ensure that there is no hidden fees and all costs are explained thoroughly.

Basic Funeral Notice includes the following:

Under NSW State Legislation and funeral director who provides basic funerals must give all prospective clients a basic funeral notice before entering into any funeral arrangement.

*Professional Services
*Storage/mortuary/preparation of the deceased
*Medical Certificate
*Burial or Cremation Fee

Please be careful, the cost that you receive for a funeral must include GST or clearly outline the GST involved in that price given.

At Supremacy Funerals we cater for all types of services and all religions and cultures. Our costs are determined on what is involved with the funeral. Below are some basic starting costs but please note we are flexible with these costs and are reasonably compassionate to genuine hardship circumstances.

Cremation Funerals

The Cost of a Private Cremation or Direct Cremation

Supremacy Funerals can offer families a Direct Cremation or “No-service-no-attendance” funeral for anyone who would not wish to have a funeral but a cremation only. This is commonly known as a private cremation as there is no family or friends in attendance to this service.
The cost for a private cremation is $2800.00 Including GST

The Cost of a Basic Cremation Funeral Service is:

Supremacy Funerals can offer families a beautiful cremation service in Supremacy Chapel Penrith starting from $5500.00 including GST.

This cost covers everything listed above in the Basic Funeral Notice and more.

Includes: Our service fee, Mortuary & Local Transfer Fee, Private Cremation Fee at Pinegrove Crematorium, Doctors Cremation Paperwork, Rosewood or Teak Victorian Coffin, Silk Casket Flowers, Celebrant Fee, Music and Photo for the Coffin.

Does not Include: Service Upgrades, Coffin Upgrades, DVD, Casket Flowers & Reflection Flowers, Candles, Notices in the Paper, Order of Service Booklets.

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Cremation Service at Pinegrove Memorial Park and Crematorium

Supremacy Funerals can offer families a beautiful chapel service at Pinegrove either in their North Chapel or West Chapel starting from $6500.00 Including GST

This includes a Family Car to pick the family up, drive them to the chapel and then return them to the wake destination. Please request this if this is something you would like.

As mentioned above in the Supremacy Chapel Package, everything is included for a beautiful funeral service, anything “extra” is not included in this cost.

We personally pick your loved one’s ashes up from Pinegrove for your convenience.

Cremation Service in any other Crematorium Chapel or Hall starts from $6900.00 Including GST

Please call for a personalised quotation or make an appointment to see one of our funeral directors.

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Burial Funeral Services

The Cost of a Basic Burial Service is:

Supremacy Funerals can offer a Burial service in Supremacy Chapel Penrith and interment at Penrith General Cemetery, St Mary’s Cemetery, Emu Plains Cemetery, starting at $5900.00 Including GST.

This Price includes everything listed above in the basic funeral notice the only thing this excludes is the cemetery costs.

Cemetery costs are external to our professional fees and are a separate fee due to the fact that every cemetery has different costs to purchase new graves or re-open an existing grave. Inquire today for a personalised quote.

The cemeteries listed below or any other unlisted cemetery the burial cost will start from $6900.00 Including GST

This Price includes everything listed above in the Basic Funeral Notice the only thing this excludes is the cemetery costs. (eg. purchase of new grave, re-open existing grave or monumental preparation)

Kemps Creek Cemetery
Pinegrove Memorial Park
Castlebrook Cemetery
Springwood Cemetery and all Blue Mountains Cemeteries
Riverstone Cemetery
Rookwood Cemetery
Forrest Lawn Cemetery
Castle Hill Cemetery
Macquarie Park Cemetery
Waverley Cemetery
Nothern Suburbs Cemetery
Eastern Suburbs Cemetery
Randwick General Cemetery
Woronora Cemetery
Mona Vale Cemetery
Liverpool Cemetery
Palmdale Cemetery
Wollongong City Memorial
Lakeside Cemetery
Hawkesbury Valley Cemeteries

If there is a cemetery that we have not listed please call for a personalised quote and find out how we can help you.

Please note theses costs are flexible to your decisions and the price can be lowered depending on your choices.

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Church Service followed by Burial Service

​Most local churches in Sydney the price for a Catholic, Anglican, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, or any other religious service held in a Church will start from $6900.00 Including GST (Cemetery fees external to this cost)
This covers everything listed in the Basic Funeral Notice and does not include disbursements such as Mass Booklets, Holy Cards, Flowers, Notices in the Paper. These are considered “Funeral Extras” and are not included in the Basic Funeral Notice.

Graveside Funeral Service

We can provide a beautiful graveside service for families wishing to hold the entire service at graveside, we can provide chairs, a gazebo and provide music. We can also provide a family car for transportation to the service and wake.
Graveside Services start from $5000.00 Including GST, excluding cemetery fees.

​If you would like someone to call you please fill out an inquiry form below and a funeral director will contact you with a personal quote. If someone has just passed away please call for immediate assistance.

We would be happy to discuss your needs in person.

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