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Urns And Cremation Jewellery

At Supremacy Funerals, we have a range of keepsake urns and necklace lockets for purchase that are unique and personal in remembrance of your loved one.

If you have thought about scattering the ashes in particular location, we also have specialised Scatter Urns to make this process easier for you.

We use Reflections Urns and Memorials
view their catalogue on the link below or come in and choose an Urn, we have many timber urns supplied by Keys Industries that can be personalised also.


Another Urn option is the teddy bear urns, they are a softer approach as an urn and are very personal. The Bear will hold up to an adult size ashes comfortably. The ashes are inserted into a silk pouch with a zipper at the back so they are very durable and practical.  The Teddy bear urns are also a nice option for infants and children’s ashes.

Choosing the right size urn for your loved ones ashes.
Below are some conversions for choosing the right size ashes urn:

One adult size ashes fits into a Large Adult sized Urn, usually between 10″ or 11″ in height.


One adult sized ashes fits into 3-4 Medium sized urns 5″ to 7″ in height if the family were planning on splitting the ashes up between relatives.

The keep sake urns which are small in size only hold a small portion of ashes, most of the ashes would still need to go into  an adult sized urn.

The cremation pendants only hold roughly half a teaspoon of the ashes, depending on the style of necklace that is chosen.

Scatter Urns can hold a portion of the ashes or the full amount, depending on the size that is chosen.

We would be happy to discuss your needs in person.

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