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Coffins And Caskets

Supremacy Funerals is proud to say that we support Key Industries as our Coffin and Caskets supplier.

Their coffins range from solid timber to a particleboard, craftwood and customwood.

There is a difference between coffins and caskets.

While they all have the same purpose, they both have distinct shape differences.
Coffins are wider at the head/upper body section and taper down the feet. The lining in the coffins are simple and classy, silk lined with a pillow.
Caskets are more rectangular shaped and usually are made from better quality timber and are more expensive. Caskets can often have half opening lids for open-casket funerals and viewings they also have detailed silk lining with a mattress and pillow.

When choosing the right coffin or casket for your loved one, you can be assured that nothing is compromised in cost, quality or care.

Environmentally friendly coffins are also available through Life Art coffins, they can be personalised and have any design. Life Art Coffins are not made of timber and have a unique  cardboard material that are custom made for a personal finish. They can be used for a natural burial or for any cremation funeral. Life art coffins are very popular for residents in the Blue Mountains and they often choose the environmentally friendly option.

We have more on display in our display room at Supremacy Funerals we have a custom made Coffin Display for you to come and look at the different options in our Penrith funeral parlour.
Each coffin from Key Industries can be custom painted to any Dulux paint colour that you may choose and there is also room for personalisation with accessories such as handle selection and coffin ornaments.


We would be happy to discuss your needs in person.

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